A proper introduction

We're getting closer to actually release the very first version of Roombler soon. And we're of course very excited about it.

As we're getting closer I would like to start talking about what we have been building. I'll do that in a series of blog posts during the next couple of weeks. A rough outline of the posts in this "getting to know series" looks like this:

  • Justification - why do we build Roombler and what is our vision for the future of hotel systems.
  • The app - a walkthrough through the app, as it is today, showing what it can do and how it does it. This will probably be atleast 2-3 posts.
  • Pricing - we have a very straight forward pricing model, but I still want to say a few words about it.
  • About us, the team - who are we and what drives us?
  • Roadmap - what's ahead, what will we do next.

I'll update this page with links to the other posts as they get published.

Stay tuned!

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