Roombler in the App Store

There has been way to long since we publish some news here on the blog. That doesn't mean that nothing is happening. On the contrary, we've been very busy hacking away on new features, stabilising our systems and make sure that we're all set for the coming autumn (yes, it's already here, I know).

For one, we're now live in the app store. We've been running in a pilot phase for about six months now working with selected customers, trying to work out the kinks. Now we're at a place where we feel that everything works as it should.

And thats why we're now in the app store. Because we're finished... or, not really. We'll of course never be finished. Roombler is all about removing the tedious and time consuming parts out of the hoteliering equation, leaving time for the fun and important bits. Since there is so much we want to remove from your shoulders onto our own, we will never be finished. We will constantly get better, but we'll never finish.

So, just click the very familiar image below and you will get to the Roombler home in the App Store.

Get Roombler in App Store

Create and account here and try it out. No strings attached, no credit card no nothing. Just create an account and off you go.

I'll be back soon with more news. I promise.