Help your guests to plan their trip

Being in a new town, country and perhaps total new part of the world can make it challenging to find your way and know how to transport from one place to another.

Keep these things in mind when sending your confirmation or welcome mail to help your guest plan their trip.


However your guests will get to you they probably need to know your address. That is also good to have during their entire stay if they want to take a cab or so.


Telling your guests about nearby landmarks will make it easier for them to ask for directions. The greater ones might even be on a map or so.

Public transport

Give your guests directions on how to get to your place with public transportation. If you have their flight number, which is good to have anyway so you can check if there are any delays and so on, you can be really specific on what train or bus to catch from where and when.


See to that your guests have important phone numbers like cab company, your number, police and so on.

Do’s and don’ts

Tell your guests if there are anything that they need to know. It can be what cab companies to rely on so that they won’t get scammed. Any areas in your town that aren’t safe and other important things that locals have more knowledge about.