Drive direct bookings

Yesterday we shared this article on our Facebook page and Twitter account. It states that increasing direct bookings is one of the best, if not only, ways to boost profit margins and also gives you some tips on how to go about.

Create a site designed to convert

When designing your site you need to make it your goal to push bookings. The design has to go hand in hand with your profile and hopefully wow your visitor. Your site must be easy to navigate and also you need to explain why your visitor should book on your site.

Make it possible to book on site

You need to make it easy to book for the visitor and also easy for you to handle the bookings.

When using the Roombler booking app you can add the booking widget to your site and instantly become bookable online. It is easy and as always, you handle your side on your iPhone or iPad.

For further instructions go to our Q&A page, where you will find all you need to put the widget on your site.

Analyze and take action

What generates traffic and bookings, which channels works for your business and which just takes up your time. Make sure that you put your effort where it’s needed and make a difference.

Keep in touch

There are hundreds of ways that you can keep in touch with your guests. E-mails is probably one of the most common ways. And it sure can work. But why not think outside the box and do something a bit different. We will give you more tips on how you can do that in another post.

Updated site and content marketing

Keep your site updated at all time. This is just basics. Also content marketing, creating content about your business and tell your story is one of the greatest ways to build strong relationships with your guests and will also strengthen your brand. Content marketing will also be discussed in a later post.

Good luck!