5 areas to think of when planning electrical outlets placement

When planning a hotel or guest room, the placement of electrical outlets makes all the difference. You want your guest to be able to use and charge different devices where he or she wants to use them.


You want to have outlets that are easy to reach in order for the guest to charge a smartphone or tablet. And on both side of the bed. When on vacation, or a work trip, you usually use your phone most of the day and need it to be charged overnight. And many of us want to check Facebook and Twitter when going to bed. Make sure you have enough outlets for both lightning and free ones for charging. It’s not a good idea to make the guest chose.


If you have some kind of working desk the chances are that your guest wants to sit down with his och hers laptop. Make sure that there is an outlet that is easy to find and reach for the charger. This can also be a good spot to place a water boiler and tea selection. Also adding good lighting at the desk will be an appreciated detail.


If you have a relaxing area, perhaps a chair to read in, your guest will love to be able to charge their phone or other devices when relaxing. Make sure it’s close enough to use an original 1 meter charger. (In other words - close).


Your guest might want to iron clothes. It’s a great service to have iron and ironing board in each room. Otherwise tell your guest where to find one. The iron of course need an outlet. This could preferably be placed close to a full body mirror. Then it can also be used for hair styling tools.


An outlet in the bathroom is perfect for shaving, electrical toothbrushes and hair styling tools. Remember to keep it safe and to inform your guest what kind of tools can be used in the bathroom.