Social media brings us the world

The time has come to write a portrait of myself, Emma Hällström. I am one of the newest members of the Roombler team. It’s amazing to work with such an entrepreneurial bunch. Each and everyone of us are hand picked to be here and together we make magic.


I moved to Gotland in 2009 to work with marketing at Svenska Spel, the Swedish official lottery and betting company. Over the years I’ve worked mostly with content marketing and storytelling.

I just love storytelling and social media. It opens up so many possibilities and makes the world and information accessible to anyone.

I create perfect hosts

At Roombler I am the content manager. It’s my job to give our customers all kinds of advice on how to become perfect hosts. It can be anything from how to make a bed to marketing advice. My goal is to make all of our customers successful in their business.

In love with the simplicity of Roombler

The travelling business and sharing economy is such a great area to work in and I truly believe in our product - the Roombler booking app. If I had a hotel, which I hopefully will one day, I would want a booking system that was easy to use and also something I could have with me all the time. With Roombler I don’t need to bother what’s behind the app and how it works, it just does. And let’s face it. I won’t go anywhere without my iPhone.