Our newest team member improves your experience

The newest member of the Roombler team is Johanna Selin. Johanna works with user experience and front end development. In other words, the things you see when using the app. She has worked with web design, user experience and front end development in several different project, both as an employee and as a consultant. Which has given her a broad experience along the way.

So why Roombler

Since Johanna has been working in the same co-working space as Roombler for a while she already know the team.

“I truly believe in our product and I’m honored to be a part of this truly skilled and focused team.”

In love with the beauty of Gotland

The love story that Johanna has with Gotland started back in 1997.

“Gotland is so beautiful and I first moved here in 1997. Then the cover was to study. Five years ago it was time again. It was still the beauty of the island that made me move and this time I needed no cover.”

Animal protector

Living with her boyfriend, two sheep, four cats and eight hens, Johanna’s biggest passion is a cat saving association. They help homeless cats all over Gotland.