Perfect outdoor area adds luxury

Summer is just around the corner and if you haven’t planned your outdoor area it’s about time. Giving your guest the opportunity to relax in the shadows or having a drink in the evening sun will make their stay more relaxing and closer to perfect.

Enjoying the sun

Many of us loves being in the sun for a while during the day. A plastic sun bed aren’t that comfy though, and it doesn’t give a luxury feeling. Place some old bed frames in the sun, have madrases and loads of pillows that are easy to bring in under cover during the night.

Cooling down

Having somewhere to cool down after a while in the sun is much appreciated. If you don’t already have your own pool, such a project might be costly because let’s face it, the once that are cheap and above ground are just hideous.

An outdoor shower the other way are really easy to make and comes in a wide price range. You can either do one yourself or install a professional one. Placing some flat stones or duckboards to stand on is an easy way to make it feel luxurious.

Relaxing in the shadows

On a hot day a place to relax in the shadows are a true blessing. Make sure you have places for those who prefer being on their own, like a hammock under a tree, as well for couples or companies, like a lounge area.

Fun and play

Provide your guests with some things to do outside. It can be anything from badminton racquets to chess or a football. Just make it something that suits your accommodation and your guests.

Cocktail Hour

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a cocktail or a cold beer and maybe some snacks on the patio and just relax after a busy day sightseeing or just stay outside as long as possible. With an inviting lounge area with comfy seating and maybe some music. Also, make sure your guest can choose to be out of the sun if they like.