Cleaning routine - save time and zen

It’s highly likely that cleaning isn’t on top of your list of favorite things of being a host. The result is however on the list of most important things on how your guest will experience his or her stay.

Routine is the key

Having a working routine is the key when it comes to cleaning a hotel room, or any space actually. It helps you to make sure that everything gets done and will also save you time, and zen.

Make sure no-one is there

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that no-one is in the room. Knock three times just to make sure that if someone is home, the guest will then have the opportunity to get dressed or tell you not to come in.


Please use fitted sheets and high quality beddings. Easier to work with, last longer and comfier to sleep in. Strip the bed, and use the dirty fitted sheet as a package for the rest. Inspect bed for stains and smooth out mattress pad. Make the bed.

Nightstands and tables

Always start at the top and move your way down. Starting with the lampshade and base, then move on to the nightstands/table surfaces and drawers. Remember the inside of the drawers. Wipe things like phone and clock and make sure that any cords are connected and placed the way you want them. Check that any clocks are set to the correct time and that the alarm is off. Also wipe tops of pictures and windowsills.


Clean the bathroom and place products and glasses in their right places. Make sure there is enough toilet paper and replace the towels.

Floors and supplies

Empty any trash-cans and fill up any supplies like tea or coffee. Changes glasses and mugs and make sure everything is in their right place and that all lights works. Also check that the thermostat works and set properly. Ensure the drapes are in good shape and in proper position.

Last of all vacuum the floors and rugs and if necessary wipe the floors.

Color coordinate your cleaning supplies

Last tip of the day is to color coordinate your cleaning supplies. By color coordinating things like your rags and cleaning sprays you will avoid using the wrong rag with the wrong spray which can result in marks on mirrors and other glass surfaces. For example - blue for glass, yellow for other surfaces and green for toilet.