Create an inviting atmosphere with garden lighting

Working with lighting in the garden and your outdoors is not something that is christmas exclusive. Designing great lighting in your garden will give it a more welcoming and professional look. And will also lengthen the time that you can enjoy the garden.

Safety reasons

First of all you need proper lighting for safety reasons. You can use lighting to show where your patio ends, steps or a low branch. This will help your guests from spraining any ankles or worse.

Leading the way

Lighting is also a great way to mark garden paths. If you have a larger garden you can even use different colors can lead the way to different areas. Coming back to an accommodation late at night, maybe after dinner out or even arriving to vacation after a late flight. Lights showing you where to go and where to step are pretty much unbeatable.


Even though all types of lighting is more or less decorative the thing that will truly make your garden lighting design stand out is how you use lighting to create an atmosphere. It can be both larger installations like floodlighting your house or any large trees. But also smaller installations like colorful lights in a tree, lanterns made from mason jars or candles on a table. Lighting powered by solar cells are perfect to move around and get creative.