Your market is global

Even though most you are very local, you might have a smaller hotel or some kind of vacation rental. However pretty much all of you are actors on a global market, your customers can be from any part of the world and from any culture.


The world is quite a large market and that brings great possibilities. But if you don’t have an endless marketing budget you need to really think about whom you want to target and how to reach them. On social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can target your group both by paid advertising and with correct use of hashtags and engaging material. Get to know your potential market and what they like and try to target these specific people.


To be accessible to different nationalities you might want to think of what languages you use on your website. If you have many local events and guests it’s probably a good idea to have one version in your native language. English is spoken by many, and it is probably a good idea to have website with English information.

On site

At your accommodation you can make loads of adaptations to make it more accessible to all different kinds of guests. To consider that some cultures do not eat certain things is a good place to start. You can always ask your guests when booking if there are any food preferences to be considered. Also make sure that guides are available in at least English, and why not some other languages. Maybe you even want to take the opportunity to learn some basic words or phrases, like ”Hello” and ”How do you do?” when knowing a foreign guest is arriving