Find your customer - find your brand

Finding your brand can be hard and sometimes confusing. However, it is important to know your brand and to let it be present in all parts of your business. Sometimes it is easier to truly get to know your brand by creating a picture of who the brand would be if the brand was a person. Preferably a person that your target group would love.

The customer

What kind of personality would this person have. Let us say that your dream customer is John and Clara. John has his own micro brewery and Clara is the founder of a successful startup. The couple like food made with local, high quality products. They live in a modern apartment but dream about a life on the countryside, with a couple of animals and growing their own vegetables.


John and Clara are revolting against the business dresscode. They have their own style and stay true to it. Jeans, t-shirt, converse and different accessories are their typical dress code. They like to shop in vintage stores.

Other important stuff

John and Clara is highly aware of the environment and strive to make a larger environmental handprint than footprint. Therefore they try to consume as little as possible, eat organic food and prefer to ride a bike to work.

Your brand

When you know what kind of person your brand would be. You need to apply it on all part of your business. From your logo and your website to your interior style and how you speak to your customers.