Roombler has been updated! [1.2.1]

We've just released a new version (1.2.1) of the app and I thought I would go through some of the improvements we've made. As usual you can find it in the app store.

New support chat

Small screens

First off, we are now doing a better job adapting to smaller screens (iPhone 5 and iPhone 6). So now you shouldn't have any problems doing all your work directly from your phone if you like to.

Existing guests

We've previously seen some users having problems with creating guests with e-mail adressess that already exists. This is bad because our backend won't allow this, and it will result in a sync error. Now, if you create a new guest with the same e-mail adress as an already existing guest, you will actually not create a new guest. the existing guest will be used.

Adding/renaming room types

Earlier, it was possible in the app to add room types with the same name. As with the guests, this is not allowed by the backend and would result in a sync error. Now, the app will tell you that there is a problem (before it actually becomes a problem).

Improved scrolling

Building infinite scrolling is a hard thing. We're aiming for a very smooth and fast experience while scrolling through the calendar view. It is something that we put considerable resources into. With this release we've improved the experience and the scroll is now smoother than ever.

In app support

We really want it to be easy to contact us, regardless if you just want to tell us we're doing good or if you're frustrated and lost and want our help. We've integrated a chat in our app so that it is super easy to reach us whenever you want.


Roombler is built to help accommodation hosts all over the world keep their zen and enjoy what they are doing. One hard thing is keeping up with tax regulation on a big scale. We're doing our best adding countries, but we're not keeping up. We already have customers in a lot of different countries around the world, and we don't want our inability to add countries to stop people from taking part in the Roombler experience. So, we've added an Other option amongst the country choices you'll see when setting up your property. So, if you don't see your country there, just choose Other and give us a shout and we'll set you up the way you want.

...and a lot more

We're continuously building and improving Roombler. Each release we do includes a lot of small incremental improvements that just makes the overall experience better.