He builds the Roombler engine

As a backend developer at Roombler, Johan Svahn builds the software. In other words he puts together the complex engine that makes the booking app work and brings zen into your life.

Trust him with your life

And you can literally put your life in Johan’s hands. First, he has developed pacemaker software and also several medical apps. And second he is one of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s volunteers.

“The best thing with working at Roombler is the amazing team and that the focus always are on things that matters. Each and every one of us has the same goal in sight. And we work together to get there. Also the Roombler booking app is an interesting product and I get to challenge myself.”

Perks of living on an island

When Johan moved from Stockholm to Gotland in 2011 it was to take a step back, find a less stressful life, and also he wanted to live closer to nature.

“I fell in love with the relaxed mentality that the islanders have. I’m convinced that it has to do with the beautiful scenery and that it is just hard enough to get to the mainland and Stockholm.”

Johan and his girlfriend found their sanctuary on the northern part of Gotland and live there together with all their animals.