5 healthy breakfast must haves

If you want to give your guest a good start of their day, and I am sure you do, you need to offer them a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Here are 5 nutrients to have on your buffet.


Fiber lets you keep a full and satisfied feeling. And also helps to regulate bowel function and may help lower blood cholesterol levels. Things like grains, whole-wheat bread and raspberries are food that are high on fiber and great to have on a breakfast buffet.


Like fiber, protein also helps to keep you feeling full a little longer. Great protein sources are eggs, almonds and cottage cheese.


Calcium is essential to bone health. You find calcium in dairy products, but also in some soymilk (just make sure to check the label to see if it is calcium fortified), soybeans and many green veggies.

Vitamin C

Other nutrients can be stored up, but not vitamin C one. Therefore it is important to get it every day. Breakfast time is a great place to add in a vitamin C rich fruit or vegetable. If you are going to try out grapefruit, just double check that you aren’t taking any medications that may interact with it. Other great vitamin C sources are oranges, strawberries and pepper.

Heart healthy fat

Some fats may clog the arteries, while others have a protective effect on your heart health. Plus, healthy fats is another one of those nutrients that helps you keep that full feeling a little longer. Healthy fats are found in walnuts, sunflower seeds and avocados.