Booking control brings zen

Roombler is for all these hundreds of thousands of people whom, just like you, have rooms, homes or cabins for rent and like you want to look after their guests in the best possible way. Roombler supports hosts all the way from booking through to check-out and beyond.

There’s no zen in admin

You don’t want to spend your time in a complex booking system, less so when it costs you a fortune and you can only use it in your computer. You want to spend your time, and money, making your business as great as it could. Roombler enables control of your bookings and all the information that you need. And with control comes zen.

Easy to use

While some systems takes days, if not weeks, of training. We have had our main focus on creating an app that is user friendly. You need next to none training and can get started right away.

Roombler - a booking system in an app

Since you already do pretty much everything else on your iPhone, wouldn’t it be great if you could handle all your bookings there as well. With Roombler you’ll be able to take care of your bookings easy and right away, wherever you are and whenever you want.

What our users think

Michael Tonso, Island Holiday in Melbourne, Australia says:
“Roombler is the best service I have seen for small operators like myself. There are a number of similar apps but none are as user-friendly, or have the same functionality. Roombler is far superior.”