How to get started with content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand as a host. It is all about showing your potential guests who you are and what they will get when staying with you.

Who are you talking to?

First of all you need to know who your potential guests are. You need to know this in order to know what their interests are and how to talk with them. Both so that they will understand you and also to get and keep their attention.

Where are your guests?

When you have figured out who you are addressing you need to find out where they are. You want to be present on the same places as your guests. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platforms.

How to be present in different channels

You need to have a strategy in mind for each channel that you chose to be present on. And also adapt your message to the different channels. Let us say that you chose to be present on Instagram and your own blog.


Instagram is perfect for pictures. Both showing off your accommodation but also pictures of what’s going on at your place and in your day to day life. Show great pictures of fresh vegetables delivered from the grocer or how you serve hot tea on a rainy day. Use relevant hashtags, keep your captures short and stay true to your brand.


When it comes to your blog you can go more into detail and describe your accommodation and what is going on there and in your surroundings with much more text than on Instagram. This is where you can get really creative and share your story as well as everything that you think that your guests should experience when visiting you. Build your own guide book by categorizing your posts!