Mobile is a greener way to manage your business

We are living in a world where we need to be more aware of the environment. And are therefore looking for solutions that will help us keep our environmental footprints as small as possible. A great way to do this is to go mobile.

No more papers at Gröna Frun

In Bjäred, a small village in the southern of Sweden, you will find Gröna Frun’s Bed & Breakfast. They have truly gone mobile and are administering their entire business from iPads. Gröna Frun have been able to digitalize all their communications with their guests. No more papers. All booking confirmations and receipts are sent by email.

”We use Roombler to handle our bookings, guests and business. And iZettle to handle all of our payments. This allows us to be paper free! Also it gives us much more freedom to be able to take care of everything in our iPhones or iPads. No matter of where we are; at home, out on the yard or at the hotel, we are always in 100 percent control of our business.” - Leif Strömkvist, Gröna Frun.

Mobile is the way to go

Björn Milton, founder of the hotel management app Roombler, is convinced that going mobile is the future and that business owners like Strömkvist is the early adopters of a new paradigm.

”In five years we will expect to be able to handle everything from our phone. It will be essential when choosing a new system for any part of your business.” - Björn Milton, Roombler